News: PAMATI 2015 Highlights and PAMATI 2017 Planning

PAMATI 2015 Highlights
Cinematography by Mark Lester Valle
Editing by Carla Samantha Ocampo

The continuing interest in PAMATI ("listen" [v.] and "feeling" [n.] in Cebuano-Visayan)—an intergenerational, intersectional, interfaith, and transcultural gathering of a small group of Philippine Elders as well as an equally small group of Filipinos and Filipino descendants interested in reclaiming Philippine ancestral ways—have led to discussions of a new PAMATI gathering in 2017.

Elders, as well as representatives of the Tao Foundation, the Center for Babaylan Studies, GINHAWA, the Institute of Spirituality in Asia, the Jung Circle, and interested individuals, met several times to prepare for the gathering slated to take place in July 2017.

PAMATI 2017 Planning with Fr. Rico Ponce, O. Carm., Ms. Leah Tolentino, GINHAWA Head, and Fr. Albert Alejo, SJ, at Sacred Springs
PAMATI 2017 Planning with Jay Bato-on, Rose Yenko and Robilyn Coguit at Sacred Springs
PAMATI 2017 Planning with Mini Gavino, Riz Dimapilis, Leah Tolentino, Robilyn Coguit, Fr. Albert Alejo, SJ, and Fr. Jojo Fung, SJ at Sacred Springs
PAMATI Planning with Nati Delson and Dr. Arlene Natocyad
PAMATI Planning with Dr. Mila Anguluan
PAMATI Planning with Mini Gavino and Dr. Teresita Obusan
PAMATI Planning with Myrna Pula
PAMATI Planning with Bae Lucy Rico and Dr. Pinky Cupino
Visit to Aeta Elders
Visit to Aeta Elders
Visit to Bontoc Elders
With young Bontoc healer Sher Win Gomez, Bontoc-based filmmaker Mark Lester Valle, and Ifugao mumbaki Lagitan Tindongan
Orientation with Jung Circle and Ginhawa
Orientation with Jung Circle and Ginhawa
Orientation with Athag, Ginhawa and Jung Circle
Orientation with Maria Marasigan and Lagitan Tindongan
Orientation with Dr.  Carmen Menchu Scheuerman
Orientation with Sr. Arlyn del Valle Casas and Kathreen Castillo

On the administrative front, the Tao Foundation warmly welcomes two new Trustees: Atty. Mary Jane N. Real and Dr. Rhodora P. Toyong.

Atty. Real holds a Juris Doctor degree and a Master Degree in Development Studies at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands. She is a long-time advocate of women's human rights having worked in various capacities with women's rights and human rights organizations in Asia Pacific and internationally. Previously, she was Regional Coordinator of Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) and as a founding member and former Coordinator of the International Coalition on Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD IC), an international network for the protection and support of women human rights defenders. A Consultant to the United Nations, Atty. Real is the author of Southeast Asia Regional Judicial Colloquium on Gender Equality Jurisprudence and the Role of the Judiciary and the Role of the Judiciary in Promoting Women's Access to Justice (2014).

Dr. Rhodora P. Toyong is an Agusan del Sur-based retired school teacher from the Agusan del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Education from the Cebu School of Arts and Trades; a master's degree from Cebu Normal College; and a doctorate from the Mindanao University of Science and Technology. Originally from Agusan del Norte, Dr. Toyong has been based in Agusan del Sur for over forty years. She serves as the Local Coordinator for the Agusan del Sur – School of Living Traditions, Event Co-Coordinator for PAMATI 2015, and Administrator for Balay Agusan, Tao Foundation's center in Agusan del Sur.

Tao Foundation Trustees together with Atty. Chel Katigbak's staff.
Tao Foundation Trustees together with Atty. Chel Katigbak's staff.


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