During the first three quarters of 2015, Tao Foundation rebuilt Balay Agusan, its center that was destroyed in 2012 by super-typhoon Pablo, with the support of friends from Agusan, Manila, and North America. Planning for the construction with the local team began in the fourth quarter of 2014, with construction commencing in January 2015. By July 1st, 2015, the basic structure of Balay Agusan was completed.

The newly-rebuilt Balay Agusan was inaugurated with PAMATI—Listen to the Water and Songs of Ancestors, a gathering of around twenty five elders/traditional knowledge bearers, ten of them initiated and practicing babaylan or shaman, and around the same number of younger generation Filipinos and Filipino diasporans in the fields of education, music and arts, religion, healthcare, gender/ environment/ and peace studies. PAMATI (Listen) was conceived of as mutual listening between the elders and the younger generations who wished to draw from deep Philippine traditional knowledge. PAMATI began with a Tinandasan (traditional house)-building from June 25 to 30; the event-proper from July 1 to 7; and a post-event processing from July 8 to 10. PAMATI was convened by the Tao Foundation in cooperation with partner organizations Center for Babaylan Studies, GINHAWA, the Institute of Spirituality in Asia, and the Asian Social Institute.

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