III. Third Phase: 2008-2014: Organizational recess. Destruction of Balay Agusan during the 2012 super-typhoon Pablo.

Destruction of Balay Agusan due to super-typhoon Pablo.

Despite the organizational recess and the destruction of Balay Agusan, the Tao Foundation officers and members have remained active in their respective areas of activity, including publishing, conferences and workshops.

A. Publications in the Philippines and in the Philippine diaspora in North America

The Shared Voice: Chanted and Spoken Narratives from the Philippines. Pasig City: ANVIL Publishing and Fundacion Santiago, 2008 (book and recording). Winner in the 2009 National Book Awards.

Song of the Babaylan: Living Voices, Medicines, Spiritualities of Philippine Ritualist-Oralist-Healers. Quezon City: Institute of Spirituality in Asia, 2013 (book and recording). Winner in the 2014 Gintong Aklat Awards, and the 2014 Catholic Book Awards.

With Kalinga andadawak Aragoy Tumapang, Maguindanao patutunong Samida Tato, Tagbanua babalyan Nenita Lasting, T'boli tau m'ton bu Mendung Sabal, Ibanag mangilu Lita Anzia, Ibaloi mambunong Henio Estakio, Camiguingnon mamumuhat Francisco Awitin, Manobo baylan Undin Potenciano, Batangas-Tagalog matremayo ng subli Mila Maquimot, and Cebu-Visayan sinuog leader Estelita Dila. (Of these ten babaylan whose voices were heard through Song of the Babaylan, seven have died at the time of the book's and recording's publication.)

"Audible Travels: Oral/Aural Performances and the Global Dispersal of a Philippine Indigenous Religion." In Back from the Crocodile's Belly: Philippine Babaylan Studies and the Struggle for Indigenous Memory. Sta. Rosa, CA: Center for Babaylan Studies, 2013.

B. Lectures and Conferences in the Philippines and in North America

Presentation during the Buhay-Babaylan Lecture-Ritual Series organized by GINHAWA (Growth in Wholeness and Wellbeing Associates, Inc.), University of the Philippines, 2013, with Agusan-Manobo Baylan Undin Potenciano and young woman leader Robilyn Coguit-Canto

Presentation during a lecture-series organized by Sinagtala, Far Eastern University and Lyceum University-Manila, 2013

Presentation during the First International Babaylan Conference, Sonoma, California, organized by the Center for Babaylan Studies, 2010

Presentation during the Second International Babaylan Conference organized by the Center for Babaylan Studies, Sonoma, California, 2013

Collaborations with Ifugao Mumbaki Mamerto Tindongan, University of California-Los Angeles and California State University-Fullerton, and Topaz Arts-New York, 2013

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