II. Second Phase: 2003 to 2008: We mounted over thirty workshops/seminars on traditional performing arts and arts and crafts, holistic health, and intercultural/interfaith dialogue at the National Museum; Museo Pambata; British Council-Manila; fifteen public schools in Metro Manila, Rizal, and Laguna; thirteen Agusan del Sur barangays and municipalities; and at Balay Agusan, the Tao Foundation's base in Agusan del Sur. These activities were supported by the Tao Foundation officers, our families and friends, the Toyota Foundation, UNESCO, Advocate of Philippine fair Trade Inc., Philippine-Australia Community Assistance program, Cultural Center of the Philippines, UNICEF, National Commission for Culture and Arts, the provincial government of Agusan del Sur, and local communities and organizations.

Quezon City High School

Mariano Marcos High School

Mariano Marcos High School

National Museum

British Council-Manila

UNICEF workshop-traditional music and pottery, Butuan

Healing Arts workshop-plant medicines, Balay Agusan

Healing Arts workshop-hilot, Balay Agusan

Healing Arts workshop-food, Balay Agusan; the organizers, facilitators and participants

Arts and Crafts workshop-weavers, embroiderers, beaders; embroidery, Balay Agusan

Arts and Crafts workshop-beading, and weaving, Balay Agusan

Arts and Crafts workshop-mat weaving, Balay Agusan

Arts and Crafts workshop-basketry and candle-making, Balay Agusan

Arts and Crafts workshop-pottery, Balay Agusan

Arts and Crafts workshop-grass papermaking and woodworking, Balay Agusan

Arts and Crafts workshop—traditional house-building, Balay Agusan

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